A Comprehensive Approach To Managing Your Wealth

Individuals and families with high net worth face complex issues involving taxes, investing and estate planning. Strategic wealth management encompasses all areas of building and preserving assets, including:

Investment Management

 Tax Planning

 Accounting Services

 Legal Services

 Estate Planning

 Trust Administration

 Insurance Planning

 Philanthropic Planning

 Business Succession Advice

If you have achieved a position of high net worth, you face two issues that most people do not: Your time horizons are longer due to the need to transfer substantial assets at the end of your life, and you are likely to face more complex tax issues.

Berkson Asset Management offers a very high level of expertise and experience in both estate planning and tax planning. We also specialize in insurance planning.

Private wealth management requires a close, long-term relationship with a trusted wealth management firm. Whether you are a successful business owner, a couple who has saved over a lifetime of achievement, or someone newly in charge of wealth, contact us today and we’ll start on a new financial journey together.

Your Los Angeles Wealth Management Advisors

Dozens of clients in the Los Angeles, CA metro area trust the wealth management advisors at Berkson Asset Management to help build and preserve their wealth. As fee-only financial advisors and Certified Financial Planners™, we are sworn to always act in your best interest and are dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals.