Maximizing Investment Returns While Minimizing Risk

Investment management is a key component of your long-term financial plan. At Berkson Asset Management, we incorporate modern portfolio theory together with the legal and ethical aspects of fiduciary conduct in our investment management process. We utilize investment management strategies followed by most multibillion-dollar pension funds, major foundations and endowments.

Los Angeles Investment Management

We primarily use mutual funds for portfolio management. For the equity portion of portfolios we generally utilize Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds. For alternative assets and fixed income we utilize a wide array of no-load, low-cost funds.

Our investment planning process is integrated with our financial planning process. The first two steps are the same, Discovery and Analysis, during which we learn about your goals and analyze your financial situation. For your investment portfolio we then use a three-step process guided by the knowledge gained in the two initial financial planning steps:

  1. Strategize. Our advisors draw up a highly customized Investment Policy Statement to serve as a blueprint for your investment management strategy, taking into account your tolerance for risk and your goals. We then use the statement as a formal, long-range strategic plan to help manage your investments in a logical and consistent manner.
  2. Invest. We determine the optimal portfolio mix (asset allocation) and diversification strategy designed to satisfy your investment objectives. Then we primarily utilize mutual funds to invest in different asset classes including stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, international securities, and other investment vehicles.
  3. Track. We continuously track your investment results and monitor the wider financial world. Our review takes into account changes in your personal or wealth situations, changes in the economy and markets, and emerging investment opportunities. We conduct risk testing of your portfolio and update you quarterly on how the markets are doing and what it means for you. We are always available to speak with you personally as well.

This investment management process is tried and true. It can help preserve your hard-earned assets and maximize your investment results. Many people who try to conduct investment planning on their own make costly mistakes. You can avoid these errors with proactive investment strategies, and that is what Berkson Asset Management provides.


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