Your Goals: The Foundation of a Powerful Financial Plan

Los Angeles Financial PlanningCrafting an effective financial plan starts with learning about you. Our financial planning process begins with an initial interview during which we explore your values, passions, goals, needs, family situation, and financial status. The financial planners at Berkson Asset Management follow a five-step planning process.


Our Financial Planning Process


  1. Discovery. Together we discuss what you value the most, how you prefer to spend your time and money, what you want for your family, how you see your legacy, how you envision retirement, what concerns you the most about the future, how you would like to work with a financial advisor, and more.
  2. Analysis. We identify, analyze and integrate all factors that may affect your financial future, including individual issues such as insurance needs, trust requirements and expected lifestyle changes. We also bring in your other advisors, such as attorneys, for consultation and review.
  3. Recommendations. Our advisors will develop and present financial planning recommendations and alternatives and review them with you. We then refine the recommendations into a formal financial plan.
  4. Implementation. We carry out the strategies included in the financial plan, creating an investment portfolio, and coordinating with your team of professionals to make sure you have proper insurance in place and your living trust and will are up to date
  5. Monitor and Review. We monitor your progress and review your results with you on a regular basis.


Truly Personal Financial Planning


Financial planning must be personal. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our goal in the financial planning process is to understand your unique financial life situation and create and manage a personalized financial plan to help you:

  • Support your desired lifestyle now and in retirement
  • Give to future generations and the causes you care about
  • Know that you are sticking to sound strategies most appropriate for you and your family
  • Gain confidence so you can relax and enjoy life without worrying about your financial future.


We would love to guide you through the financial planning process and create a personalized financial plan that helps you reach your most important financial goals.


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