Helping Widows and Widowers Find Their Way Financially

Los Angeles Financial Planning for Widows and WidowersBerkson Asset Management has a great deal of experience helping widows and widowers handle the array of financial matters that can arise following the death of a spouse who was successful as an executive, professional, or entrepreneur. From tax filings to estate planning, surviving spouses often need expert help in this time of crisis.


Surviving your spouse can be an overwhelming experience, especially for the spouse who did not handle the finances during the marriage. It is also a time of vulnerability when you may be prone to making hasty decisions or falling victim to unscrupulous persons.


Here are some areas you can lean on Berkson Asset Management for help during your time of grief:


  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Retirement Planning

Dedicated To Helping Widows and Widowers In Los Angeles, CA

Women outlive men by an average of five years, so they are more likely to be the surviving spouse. That being said, there are still many men who defy the odds and outlive their wives. We serve many Los Angeles-area women and men who have found themselves in this position, and we consider it a privilege to help survivors through this time of great need in their lives.


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