Better Retirement Plans for Your Business

  • Are you a business owner paying 2% or more in fees for your employee retirement plan?
  • Does your 401(k) plan meet the needs of both executives and employees?
  • Are you dedicating too much time to administering your company’s retirement plan?


401K Retirement Plan Los Angeles CABerkson Asset Management designs 401(k) plans with lower fees, and reduced risk for small- and medium-sized businesses. If you have a retirement plan that is not meeting your company’s needs, we’ll revise and revitalize your plan based on a comprehensive analysis. If you don’t have a plan, we’ll explore the needs of both owners and employees and design a plan that works for you.


As a local, independent Registered Investment Advisor with an extensive tax and investment background, we will oversee your 401(k) plan. We offer access to a wide array of institutional-style investment options from leading investment firms such as Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). And we follow through with ongoing employee education efforts and plan monitoring.

A 401k Plan Tailored To Your Business and Employees, Without High Fees

A 401(k) plan through Berkson Asset Management helps executives get more from their plans through a combination of:

  • Structuring the plan to meet the needs and goals of the executives and the business.
  • Lowering and clearly disclosing plan investment fees and fiduciary risk to plan sponsors while increasing selection of funds.
  • Improving plan participation and designing the plan to achieve a better net investment return to all employees.


To put the right, customized retirement plan in place for your company, we utilize the Berkson 5-Step 401(k) Management Process:

  • Analyze the current situation.
  • Design the optimal 401(k) plan.
  • Formalize the 401(k) Investment Policy Statement.
  • Launch the 401(k).
  • Provide ongoing education and monitoring.


An attractive 401(k) plan is an important business tool to increase employee satisfaction and help attract and retain better employees. To arrange a complimentary review of your current plan or a no-obligation consultation on a new plan, contact Steve Berkson at (818) 449-3122 or

Your 401(k) Plan Review

Your complimentary 401(k) plan review is designed to answer the following questions and many others:

  • How does the investment selection in the plan compare to leading plans?
  • What are the total fees incurred by the plan, and how do they compare to benchmarks?
  • Is an Investment Policy Statement included in the plan?
  • Is the plan well designed and are there any areas for improvement?
  • Are there any fiduciary risks that executives and plan sponsors should be aware of?
  • What ongoing education should be provided to all plan participants?
  • How does key fund performance compare against corresponding indexes?